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The Playstation is Sony's first venture into the realm of home console gaming. Before Sony, the competition was mainly between Nintendo and Sega. Everyone knows that Nintendo beat Sega with both the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) and the SNES(Super NES) against Sega's Master System and the Genesis. Now, it's Sony's turn to reign supreme. Sega has entered the 32-bit generation with the Saturn and has failed once again to beat the competition in the U.S.(I heard it's doing pretty well in Japan). Now with an entry from another competitor, the N64 from Nintendo, can the Sony Playstation continue to wear the crown? Only time can tell.

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Acclaim--Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Bust-a-move 2
Capcom--Street Fighter Alpha 2, Resident Evil
Electronic Arts--NBA Live 97, Need for Speed
Fox Interacive--Die Hard Trilogy, ID4
Namco--Soul Blade, Rage Racer
Psygnosis--Wipeout XL, Tenka
Sony--Jet Moto, Crash Bandicoot
Tecmo--Deception, Dead or Alive
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